2016 ASQ International Conference on Quality Standards
In November Harpco Systems’ CEO Rich Harpster gave a pair of talks for the ASQ Conference on Quality Standards at the Marriott City Center in Pittsburgh PA:

Your Supplier’s FMEAs Tell You More About Your Suppliers Than You Know

Implementing Risk-Based Thinking Required for ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

Despite the small overall size of the conference both talks filled their respective rooms. We were especially enthused by the response to the first talk. Here is the blurb ASQ used to advertise the talk:

Review of supplier FMEAs is a commonly used practice for risk assessment of supplier product designs and manufacturing processes. This hour long presentation will show you how to perform a quick 10 to 15-minute analysis of the design and process FMEA contents to gain insight into weaknesses of the supplier’s QMS and the risk exposure and potential financial cost they can incur to your company.

Basically we taught attendees how to rip bad FMEAs apart. Seems a lot of people are unhappy with their suppliers’ FMEAs. We are looking to take this talk to other places. Especially places where folks can bring their actual FMEAs to use as live examples.

We’ve posted a version of the talk as a page on our website: Design Specs & Design requirements: Your Suppliers’ FMEA’s. We’re thinking of making the slide deck available as well. Email us if you’re interested.