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Top Ten FMEA Mistakes

  • FMEA Ownership
  • Wrong FMEA Participation
  • Bad Timing
  • Lack Of Integration
  • Misuse of RPNs – a biggie!
  • Misuse Of Class Column
  • Requirements <> Bill of Materials
  • Those root causes? They aren’t!

Why Receiving Should ALWAYS Be In Your FMEA

There is a lot of debate on whether or not receiving should be included in your Process FMEA. This presentation will explain why it should always be included except for one special circumstance. The four big objections are:

  • FMEA docs say it isn’t necessary.
  • FMEA docs state all previous steps are assumed correct
  • Supplier has passed audits
  • No history of supplier sending stuff out of spec

We knock those objections down, then explain the one big exception.