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Pre-Design Activities Module Overview

If you get the design requirements wrong, nothing else matters. If you have ever been involved in a design where one or more design requirements were not properly defined or there were missing design requirements, you have experienced the significant risks that can result. These risks can include customer exposure to injury, high recovery costs and damage to the company’s reputation. To make matters worse, if you do not have an effective design requirement related risk management system in place there is a high probability you will not know you have a design requirement problem until your product is in the hands of your customer or customers.

Key features of the module to help you properly define design requirements include:

  • Voice of customer capture for single customer or marketplace;
  • Design Requirements definition;
  • RRA (Requirements Risk Assessment);
  • Design Validation Plans (3 different types);
  • Requirements Change Analysis.
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“We used Q Plus to achieve Q1 and ISO 16949 successfully at the Ford Motor Co. Monroe BAO Plant. The software promoted linked documentation that prevented issues at internal and external audits. Assured the quality documents at the operations production level had all relevant and concurrent information that was reviewed in the program files. QPlus allowed the program members to create a baseline “Hot End Exhaust” database that produced linked documentation from the DFMEA to the production visual aids the operators used to perform correctly.”
Harpco Systems provides some of the most technologically advanced FMEA software tools on the market……. Harpco Systems has become known as the Modern FMEA for a reason. Its structured, simplified and sustainable.
I have been working with Harpco Systems for 20 yrs and have seen how their products and services continue to improve to meet customer demands. Finding a disciplined approach to relate field performance to product design specifications is rare. There just is no uncomplicated way to do this correctly. Harpco’s approach handles all the complication internal to their software so the engineers can focus on other aspects of their job. Because the known failure mechanisms and causes are mapped, this information can be used for problem solving and driving continuous improvement in manufacturing.
Todd Gross, VP of Global Quality