Tired Of Writing FMEA's & Control Plans?


Computer Generated

There are many software packages that automatically generate FMEA's. Upon closer examination, it is discovered that these programs are setup in a spreadsheet format. The user looks at his or her computer screen and sees a blank FMEA staring back at them. These programs are an improvement over past methods in much the same way the word processor is an improvement over a typewriter, and there are definite benefits to the user. It is our belief that spreadsheet programs don't go quite far enough. The user is still responsible for inserting the correct information into the correct columns. This requires the design or process engineer to have a knowledge of the structure and function of FMEA's.

Quality Plus™ requires only that the design engineer has a knowledge of the product he or she is designing, and that the process engineer has a knowledge of the process that will manufacture the product. Our screens don't look like FMEA's . They consist of simple questions about the product or process. The user answers these questions and Quality Plus™ generates an AIAG-compliant FMEA in seconds!

Easily Updated

Would you describe your company's FMEA's as "living documents" that are actively used and referenced? A great number of FMEA's and Control Plans are done merely to satisfy the demands of the customer, rather than to enhance quality. There is certainly nothing wrong with making your customer happy, but wouldn't it be nice to turn your quality documents into living, breathing, powerful tools that can truly improve your quality efforts?

Quality Plus™ brings your FMEA's and Control Plans to life. Once you have outlined your product family's rules of manufacture, some amazing things take place. Let's say it's time to launch a new product - the 2006 Acme Widget. There is no need to enter all the Failure Modes, Effects of Failure, etc. With Quality Plus™ just call up the info for a similar product(say, the *2006* widget, for example) and instantly make a prototype! Then edit the prototype accordingly --- and your new product launch time is slashed!

Self Checking

Quality Plus™ is the ultimate proofreader. Every time you send a FMEA or Control Plan to be printed, Quality Plus™ checks to make sure there are no holes in your documents. If there is information missing, the software will insert a WARNING! message on your document to alert you to the problem and tell you what type of data was left out. You wouldn't want to unknowingly hand an incomplete FMEA to a customer. With Quality Plus™ on the job, you never will!

Tightly Integrated

Integration can be achieved in many ways. Anyone can create perfectly integrated Design FMEA's (DFMEA), Process FMEA's (PFMEA), and Control Plans if they have an excellent understanding of the rules for creating the documents; the patience to constantly compare entries in the documents, and many hours to make sure all the data is entered correctly. This task can be made easier by providing pop-up menus or pick lists, as many of the current packages provide. Even with this aid, however, mistakes can be made.

Harpco Systems realizes the only way to insure that the documents are perfectly integrated is to guide the user in areas where the user expertise is needed while automatically generating the entries that are the most time consuming to research, essential to integration, and require only knowledge of the document creation rules.

The integration Quality Plus™ provides is what transforms ordinary FMEA's into powerful documents that will fuel your quality system. From the initial product design to the posting of process controls in the manufacturing area, integrated documents allow for the free flow of logical, pertinent information.


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