Would you like to create APQP documentation including Design FMEA, Design Verification Plan, Process FMEA and Control Plan faster while improving their effectiveness?

If the answer to this question is yes, you have come to the right place. In today’s globally competitive marketplace, survival depends on producing higher quality products at lower costs. This can only be accomplished if you have an efficient and effective Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system. The purpose of this website is to provide you with information about the training , consulting and software tools that Harpco Systems provides so that you can implement and maintain a world class APQP system with a minimum amount of time, money and people.

Increased FMEA and Associated APQP Documentation Effectiveness

The vast majority of APQP documents like the Design FMEA and Process FMEA are not done correctly. There are two reasons for this. First, although companies have people who are experts in their product designs and processes, they often times do not have people who really understand all of the elements of a strong APQP system and how they were designed to work together. Secondly, the majority of the available training is taught by people who have never been responsible for the design of a product or running of a process. As a result, much of the training is focused on simple products where the breadth and depth of questions is limited. Consequently, it is not uncommon for people leave without an understanding of how to perform a FMEA on a product that can fail in hundreds of ways and is manufactured to hundreds if not thousands of specifications.

The lack of in-house expertise and adequate training results in the correct APQP forms being used but incorrect or inadequate information being placed in the forms. The problem is compounded when outside agencies auditing the forms do not understand their purpose or required content. Audits are passed with little or no improvement in product designs or processes. After some time people complain the APQP forms process has failed when in fact it was never implemented.

The Quality Plus Structured Design and Process Improvement Methodology and Quality Plus® Software were designed by managers of companies that have effectively implemented Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Systems which resulted in significant improvements in product quality and process productivity. The two products present APQP and its associated documents in simple to understand terms while assisting you in effectively implementing APQP on your most complex products and processes.

Faster FMEA and Associated APQP Documentation Generation

The Quality Plus® Software not only helps you create the APQP documents correctly but will also help you do them faster than ever before. Using its internal intelligence, Quality Plus® Software learns about your design and manufacturing systems as you use it. After a brief time using Quality Plus® Software, companies can reach a point where Quality Plus® Software is automatically generating customized and linked APQP documentation in a fraction of the time it takes to generate similar documentation with conventional APQP or spreadsheet software programs.

Document Compliance: AIAG 3rd & 4th Edition, IEC 60812, BS 5760, SAE J1739 TS16949, VDA, FDA Part 11, MIL-STD-1629A FMECA

Quality Plus® Software and the Quality Plus Structured Design and Process Improvement Methodology outputs are designed to be compliant with applicable industry, national and international quality standards. If the standard you are interested in is not listed, please contact us.


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